Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Brass Necks

The Impartial Reporter is carrying an article on Fermanagh Grand Lodge's response to the recent consultation on an Irish language Bill ("Orange Order Slams Use of Irish"). It once again underlines the huge gulf in sentiment between the most vocal Northern Ireland Protestants and their more liberal co-religionists in Scotland, the vast majority of whom would sooner ban Orangeism than Gaelic (clue: one makes it embarrassing to be Scots; the other doesn't).

Tellingly, any cultural reason for the promotion of Irish is rejected, while Ulster Scots is mentioned only as a spoiler, barely ranking above the languages of recent immigrants.
"The Irish language is a minority language, and should not be given official status any more than Ulster Scots, Polish, Lithuanian, or any other language. In fact languages like Polish for example, are much more prevalent throughout the population in Northern Ireland currently, and should in fact be given a higher preference for such consideration."
Above all, the fact that the Orange Order thinks it has the moral standing to "slam" anything is testament to the kind of parallel universe in which its members live and breathe.

For social cohesion, devolved government, peace and prosperity, even for the future of Protestantism and the Union, the things that it purports to value most, it should be clear to all by now that it would be infinitely better if it simply disappeared.

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