Friday, 21 August 2015

Norn Iron: the Home of Blood ... and Dunder

A post or two ago the Blether Region had occasion to go into some of the racier uses of Scots vocabulary not covered by the DSL. It appears that they are not limited to Auld Scotia, since an office colleague given to constantly verbalising the feverish sexual concerns of the over-40s has now introduced it to "dundering" (the word, not the act). None of the meanings given for "DUNNER, v.1, n. Also dinner, -ir; dunder" in the DSL would appear to cover what the Blether Region's university lecturers used to refer to as "sexual congress", but it does seem to be semantically similar to some uses of the English verb "bang".

The source for the previously unattested usage, incidentally, is not an Ulster-Scot but a duniwassal from Tyrone, demonstrating the diffusion of Scots vocabulary throughout Ulster and the wider north of Ireland.

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