Sunday, 19 July 2015

Before They Take it Down

60 Minutes Australia has produced a shocking documentary about the paedophile scandal linking Kincora in Belfast with Dolphin Square in London. Politicians implicated in the sexual abuse of children include some who now sit in the House of Lords, as well as former Home Secretary and EU Commissioner Leon Brittan, who was the subject of numerous below-the-radar allegations before his death earlier this year.

Most shocking of all, the programme:
  • alleges that former Kincora resident Richard Kerr was abused by the Liberal MP Cyril Smith and Sir Peter Telford Hayman, deputy head of MI6;
  • links the Westminster ring with the suspected abduction and murder of the son of the chauffeur to the Australian High Commissioner in London; and
  • claims to have uncovered abuse carried out as recently as the 1990s.
As Richard Kerr himself says, those abusers who remain alive can now expect a "knock on the door", while another campaigner says "All those who were ever linked to William McGrath must be regarded as highly suspect."

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