Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ulster Scots: a Great Source of Oaths

The Blether Region has been researching an ongoing Twitter spat between Nicola Sturgeon and Cathy Newman, who incorrectly claimed that the Scots First Minister's opting to make an affirmation rather than swear allegiance to the monarch was a mark of republican sentiment (it is in fact a mark of secularism; there is no "republican" option in the Scottish Parliament). While doing so, it happened across this article in the News Letter, which carries the Ulster-Scots version of the oath sworn by Strangford MP Jim Shannon, who was of course previously among the most prodigious users of the dialect in the Northern Ireland Assembly.
"A sweer bi AAMICHTIE GOD that A wull aye houl a richt leal an faithfu hairt tae HIR MAJESTIE QUEEN ELSBETH, an Hir Line o Heirskip, anent tha Laa. Micht GOD be ma halp an stay."

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