Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Nelson McCausland and Tara

While the Blether Region has long suspected it, Chris Moore's article in the Sunday World is perhaps the first reputable published source to link Nelson McCausland with William McGrath, as well as neatly summing up some of the other strands in the Kincora case. The Blether Region had heard from another journalist some months ago that Mr. McCausland was a member of McGrath's legal paramilitary group Tara.

In recent years Mr. McCausland has also attended events organised by the British-Israel World Federation. As an Ulster-Scots activist, at one time heading the Ulster-Scots Heritage Council, he has worked with fellow British-Israelites Clifford and Anne Smyth, as well as Lord Laird, who is also named in Moore's article as having links with McGrath.

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