Monday, 7 July 2014

Coláiste Feirste

A Written Answer (AQW 34776/11-15) from the Minister of Education shows just how well Coláiste Feirste is doing in comparison with other schools. Some 93.6% of Coláiste Feirste pupils achieved at least one grade A or A* at GCSE level, almost double the equivalent figure of 50.5% for all other Northern Ireland post-primary schools. Were the Coláiste Feirste results compared solely with those for non-selective English-language secondaries, as should properly be the case, the disparity would be even greater.

The results are, on the face of it, not quite as good at A level, with 33.3% of Coláiste Feirste pupils earning an A or A*, compared with 43.3% of other pupils. However, A levels, much more so than GCSEs, are known to be the province of grammar schools, meaning that, here too, Coláiste Feirste is punching well above its weight.

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