Monday, 16 June 2014

Anti-Gaelic Bigots

Daibhidh Rothach has an interesting article on the Bella Caledonia website dealing with the contrived indignation at North Ayrshire Council's action to meet its legal responsibilities with regard to Gaelic (the council area includes the Isle of Arran, which was Gaelic-speaking until relatively recently). The comments appended by readers of the "yes"-supporting blog should nail the myth that Scotland has the same kind of cultural packages current in Northern Ireland, for far too many of them betray the kind of bigoted ignorance towards the language over which Ulster Unionists here have a virtual monopoly.

Much of their ire was directed at road signs, including one ludicrously high estimate of the extra cost associated with bilingual versions. As someone married to a person who learnt Irish after having their attention attracted to the language during an exchange to Dublin, the Blether Region can confirm that such signs are definitely not a waste of money. For the linguistically switched-on, they act as advertising for the language and raise awareness of place-names.

Nor are all Scots activists against Gaelic, for as one of them put it:
"Wantin tae tak spendin awa fae Gaelic an gie it tae Scots is like a blin man wantin the ee out o somebody's heid that's jist got the yin. Whit guid wad that dae ye? Ye cannae yaise it yersel! It winna fit in yer face! Aye, weel, tak his ee out an we'll baith be blin."
Sae that's thaim telt.

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