Thursday, 22 May 2014

Shaken with a Twist

Further to the controversy surrounding Foras na Gaeilge's stewardship of Irish-language organisations and the almost total funding wipeout facing those in the North, in a bizarre twist the six Southern-based lead organisations chosen to take over have issued an angry press release decrying the funding on offer to them — ironically, using some of the very same words.

The document, dated yesterday and signed by the heads of each of the six organisations, mentions a "crisis" in Irish-language organisations and accuses Foras na Gaeilge of not following best practice. Among its detailed criticisms are: a reduction in staff in almost every field; a lowering of the level of posts; no provision made for redundancy payments; the pace of change; a denial of the rights of workers in the sector; and a lack of staff so acute that the lead organisations may not be able to continue providing services.

With the handover scheduled for 1 July, questions are sure to be asked about the competence of the Foras na Gaeilge board and the two Ministers, North and South.

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