Friday, 9 May 2014

Lazy Assumptions

The Blether Region, whose civilian name has evidently been added to some DCAL circulation list for Ulster-Scots events, was this week invited to the launch of "the Ulster Covenant and Scotland Research Project". As a body whose interests extend to Scots and Irish but not Loyalism, it wrote back asking not to be invited to any more such politically and confessionally tinged events with no discernible linguistic connection. DCAL responded saying that "it would take a considerable amount of time to tailor" its invitee lists in such an obviously sensible way and offering instead to remove the Blether Region's name entirely, a suggestion to which it has now reluctantly acceded.

Surely, however, it is not too much to ask of DCAL to maintain a list of invitees for genuine Scots- (and Irish-) language events, thus keeping secular Scottish Nationalists such as the Blether Region — not to mention Irish Catholic speakers — in the loop.

To do otherwise smacks of institutional sectarianism.

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