Monday, 13 January 2014

The Revised Version

The Bel-Tel's Malachi O'Doherty has given his view on the reasonableness of reflexively demanding an Ulster-Scots translation just because one has been provided into Irish. O'Doherty, who has consistently defied political and religious pigeon-holing, does not mince his words; the headline refers to "narrow-minded morons".

He is equally forthright with regard to the Ulster-Scots revival:
"Well, for a start, Ulster Scots is not the property of a sectarian faction in Northern Ireland.
It is the rural voice of the forebears of most of us. Unionism and loyalism can no more claim it as their own than republicans can claim Irish.
And there isn't a single reader of this paper, I will bet, who would find this article easier to read if it was written in the revised version of Ulster Scots that is used in Government job ads."
Sectarianism and inauthenticity are the two big issues facing Ulster Scots. It's time they were tackled.

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