Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Political Illiteracy

The Blether Region was interested to read a Belfast Telegraph blog on the redrawing of Northern Ireland's local council boundaries by the Newry and Mourne UKIP (formerly UUP) councillor Henry Reilly, who was recently confirmed as his party's candidate in this year's European elections.

Political arguments about local government reform are one thing, but it is highly disconcerting to say the least to read them in a style so consistently oral that it can only be described as illiterate. To quote:
"If the DUP-Sinn Fein was [recte were or, better still, had been] seriously concerned about saving cash [missing comma] it would have went [recte gone] to chief executives of the existing councils and gave [recte given] them saving [recte savings] to make which could have been quietly [recte quietly and or, more likely, quite] easily done by co-operating with neighbouring councils on joint tenders and bulk purchasing etc."
David Cameron once memorably branded UKIP "closet racists". It seems that the books have stayed in the cupboard too.

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