Friday, 1 November 2013

Tongues in Our Heads

The Guardian has an interesting article on the value of learning indigenous languages. It is part of the standard rhetoric of many people espousing utilitarian views of linguistic diversity that our children should learn Chinese instead of Welsh, but, as the article points out, there is nothing to prevent one learning both, and bilingual children get better results in English too.

The Blether Region was also struck by the generally sympathetic tenor of the appended comments. Generally when one reads articles on autochthonous languages in the online editions of Scottish or Northern Ireland newspapers, there is a mixture of positive and negative opinion, one of the key differences of course being that in Northern Ireland the split mirrors other differences to do with denomination and one's views on the constitution.

Indeed, although it's sometimes said with regard to Irish that "real Brits quite like it", it's clear that real English people like it even more.

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