Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The (formerly CorkExaminer is running an editorial questioning spending on Irish that is both short-sighted and misleading — short-sighted because it fails to make the obvious connection between use of Irish and services provided through the language, and misleading because it disingenuously suggests that money spent on Gaelscoileanna, were those schools abolished, could magically be spent on something other than educating the children who currently attend them.

Meanwhile in Scotland, the (formerly GlasgowHerald has a much more positive piece on Scottish Gaelic at Glasgow University, which is "considering introducing Gaelic into its graduation ceremonies, increasing the use of bilingual signing, and developing a Gaelic university logo".

There is a German saying that may not be particularly relevant in this context but is a favourite in the Blether household: "Men and women are incompatible — except in the middle."

The middle is also the place where linguistically sceptical Scotland and linguistically enthusiastic Ireland may one day meet, and the above provides further evidence for the Blether Region's thesis that the Goidelic languages' relationships with the state will at some point in the future have become remarkably similar in the two territories — with Northern Ireland remaining the "odd one out" for as long as the current St. Andrews Agreement set-up obtains.

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