Monday, 13 August 2012

The Bible and Babel

Former Sports Minister Nelson McCausland has posted on his blog about Katie Taylor, the young woman who won a boxing gold at this month's Olympic Games in London. The fact that Katie is a member of a born-again Christian church has brought a warm glow of satisfaction to the ministerial cheek. Now, it would be unfair of the Blether Region to point out that Ms Taylor's gold was won for Ireland; there is, after all, hardly such a thing as Southern Unionism. Nor is the Blether Region, truth be told, much interested in flags (especially those reserving a third of their surface for an organisation whose marches most Scots want to ban). Likewise, the fact that Ms Taylor was also as a keen player of Gaelic football could of course also be put down to geography and environment.

As could the 26-year-old's private lessons in Irish.

No, the big thing here is not to latch onto an isolated aspect of Ms Taylor's personal interests and press it into ideological service in the wake of her unexpected success. The big thing is to ask why one evangelical Christian can value the Irish language and yet remain every bit as much a committed evangelical Christian while the other, well, can't.

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