Thursday, 19 July 2012

An Indian Wink

The BBC has a very interesting list of Indian words in English, and they're surprising both for their number and their popularity, as this excerpt from Tom Stoppard's 1995 play Indian Ink demonstrates:
Flora: "While having tiffin on the veranda of my bungalow I spilled kedgeree on my dungarees and had to go to the gymkhana in my pyjamas looking like a coolie."

Nirad: "I was buying chutney in the bazaar when a thug who had escaped from the chokey ran amok and killed a box-wallah for his loot, creating a hullabaloo and landing himself in the mulligatawny."
The sun may have, rightly, set on the Raj, but English-speakers' love affair with India continues undimmed.

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