Thursday, 29 March 2012

No Such Thing as the Bad Kind

Former Ulster-Scots Agency "heid yin" (or, as we say in Scots, "convener") John Laird finds himself making news again, this time because of his opposition to new rules introduced to limit the number of questions that peers may ask in the House of Lords. Regular readers of the Northern Ireland press will recall that, at a cost of millions, Lord Laird regularly tops league tables for questions posed by UK parliamentarians — one of which addressed the pressing issue of whether fire engines should be yellow rather than red.

On this occasion the noble Lord has argued that the imposition of an arbitrary numerical cap on the questions that individual Members may submit in a given week constitutes a scandalous curtailment of democracy and a grotesque over-reaction to his own activity.

But what if he is right about the first part and wrong on the second?

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