Monday, 27 February 2012

No Pinkos Here

Some months ago the Blether Region blogged on the impending arrival on the stage of Ulster loyalism of an organisation styling itself the "Royal White Order of King Solomon". At the time we took a keen interest in the organisation's blog at and the YouTube page of one "Angela Chillingham", most likely the pseudonymous online identity of a male evangelical with links to the British-Israel World Federation, a "Christian" organisation whose online outpourings both exaggerate and draw attention to the numbers of people in Greater Tunbridge Wells voting for the racist BNP.

Now both the blog and the YouTube page appear to have vanished, at least to public access. Indeed, the Blether Region was even disappointed when it attempted to view them using the Wayback Machine at Internet Archive.

For the record, Angela Chillingham's YouTube page listed among her favourite films The Stepford Wives and The Handmaid's Tale. If Ms Chillingham were a feminist intellectual, that would of course be unremarkable, but if she is, as the Blether Region strongly suspects, a married evangelical Christian man, that may put a rather different complexion on matters.

For the moment, though, the Royal White Order looks set to vanish from the page of history, leaving it bright and virginal, taintless and unsoiled — and above all white.

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