Monday, 18 April 2011

White is the Colour

John Coulter of the Daily Star reports on "The Royal White Order of King Solomon", a newly founded evangelical fraternal organisation.

The Star informs us that "Solomon was the wisest of all the Old Testament Israelite kings, and the Biblical book named after him, The Song of Solomon, is compulsive reading for any Christian".

Could the Star really be unaware of the book's erotic content, or is it subtly problematising a Christian obsession with sex at the expense of more pressing social concerns? Whatever the truth, the Blether Region shares Coulter's bewilderment at the organisation's ceremonial robes.

"But the all-white dress code of this modern bunch makes them look like another sinister organisation, the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan — probably the world's oldest racist group.

Women are also allowed to join this ultra secret White Order, but they must adhere to a strict dress code, too — formal or evening gown, choker and elbow-length gloves! Sounds like a right kinky club has been formed!"

One woman, Angela Chillingham (a pseudonym?) has been promoting the organisation on the Internet. Chillingham Castle is in Northumberland, an afternoon's drive away from the headquarters of the British-Israel World Federation at Bishop Auckland.

The order's aims cover a host of right-wing shibboleths, some widespread, some specific to Northern Ireland, one of which is a "Return to National Greatness". Given the fact that Britain is, despite everything, still among the richest countries in the world and therefore already quite great enough by any reputable benchmark, one is unsure how to take this. Other goals include "Strict Immigration & Asylum Policies, Withdrawal from the EU & UN, The Security of the Protestant People of Ulster, Conservatism, Femininity & Womanhood, Creation Science, Obedience to the Rule of Law, Return of the Death Penalty, [and] The Security of the State of Israel" (although one suspects not its demographic security).

Quite apart from the Ku Klux Klan, another comparison that one might make based on the group's website is with the Scientologists. While active members pay £100 per annum, "friends" are divided into four levels, with the highest, "premier class" expected to stump up £1,000. Each class receives its own monthly "bulletin". But what information could it possibly contain to justify such a hefty subscription?

One Internet commentator, calling himself "Lew", has said that "I think they probably plan to give each other jobs. Yuck …" also stating "I might be wrong, but to me it's got Nelson McCausland written all over it."

In view of the Royal White Order's exhortation to voters that they back the TUV and UKIP, the Blether Region believes it unlikely that a sitting DUP Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure would be a member; that would be a sackable offence, after all. However, the affair underlines the inadequacy of the current Register of Members' Interests at Stormont, in the latest version of which the Minister once again lists his membership of the Linenhall Library but not of LOL 688, whose newsletter has bragged of its brethren's domination of the Ulster-Scots world.

All elected representatives need to understand that avoiding the appearance of nepotism is nowadays as important as avoiding its reality.

However, the really disturbing aspect is that, even without Nelson McCausland, there is almost certainly a link to the Ulster-Scots movement.

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