Monday, 28 February 2011

When Two Tribes Go to Words

Last year saw the publication of A Word of Ulster Scots, a 66-page reworking of Liam Logan's columns from the News Letter, funded by the Ulster-Scots Agency. The Blether Region could quote the ISBN number of the volume, but those reading this post might not benefit greatly from their increased knowledge, since up to now only members of the Agency board have received a copy. Yet this is no hungry poet's individually numbered work hand-cranked from a ramshackle old photostat machine. On the contrary, it is a crisp, attractive, mass-produced tome. Indeed, for five months now boxes brimful of books have been in storage at the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure awaiting distribution. Why, then, has it not managed to reach a wider audience?

Readers will remember Liam Logan as the presenter of BBC Radio Ulster's Kist o' Wurds programme. He is also a supporter of the Ullans Academy, a former health service administrator, a keen golfer, and, together with Irish-speaking Unionist Ian Malcolm, a counter-cultural ambassador to schools.

Liam Logan is also an SDLP politician.

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