Saturday, 27 November 2010

New BBC Ulster-Scots Website

The BBC has launched a new Ulster-Scots website. Recognising the limited resources available for broadcasting in Scots (or Irish, for that matter), a website seems a sensible way of maximising bang for one's buck — and it's an attractive affair.

While one could perhaps take issue with some of the material on it — the lip-service paid to the extravagant notion that there is an "Ulster-Scots language", the inexplicable interest in America, the children's stories about Saint Patrick (remember Cross of Saint Patrick LOL 688, anyone?) — much of it merely reflects the obsessions of local activists, and it would be churlish not to welcome what looks set to establish itself as first port of call for those with an interest in the dialect. The list of Ulster-Scots organisations looks particularly useful.

There is also a good deal of material for learners. Commenting with tongue firmly in cheek, one friend of the Blether Region wrote:

"I like the frequent mention of 'Ulster-Scots' words. I am familiar with most all of them from Fife and Angus. Good to know the 'Ulster-Scots' language is alive and well in those areas. I have a suspicion 'Ulster-Scots' is also widely used elsewhere in Scotland."

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