Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ulster-Scots Texts to Go Online

The Ulster Poetry Project is an initiative created by the School of English, History and Politics in association with the Library and IT Systems Development at the University of Ulster to develop and extend its research into Irish Book History and Ulster Poetry. As part of this project the university will be launching an online resource called the John Hewitt Centre, which will contain a digitised selection of his collection of nineteenth-century poetry. The Hewitt archive at the University of Ulster is one of the most significant collections of Hewitt's work, as well as a major repository of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Ulster poetry. One of the aims of the Ulster Poetry Project is to celebrate John Hewitt's work and scholarship and to continue his research into the poetry, culture and arts of the province of Ulster.

The launch of the project will take place in Room H215, Main Building, University of Ulster, Coleraine on 30 July at 6.30 p.m.

This is really very positive news, and should, among other things, enable interested parties to create their own corpora of authentic Ulster-Scots texts.

The following texts will be made available online in the first tranche.

Samuel Burdy, Ardglass, Or the Ruined Castles: also The Transformation and Some Other Poems. (Dublin: Printed for the author by Graisberry and Campbell, 1802), [xxvii, 110p; 21 cm].

Campbell, James, The Poems and Songs of James Campbell of Ballynure: with additional songs not before published, (Ballyclare: S. Corry, 1870), [vii, 144p].

William Drennan, Glendalloch: and other poems / by the late Dr. Drennan; with additional verses by his sons (i.e. J. S. and W. Drennan), (Dublin: London: Edinburgh: Belfast: William Robertson; Simpkin, Marshall; John Menzies; H. Greer, 1859), [xxii, 280p; 17 cm].

Samuel Ferguson, Congal: a poem in five books / by Sir Samuel Ferguson (Dublin: London: Sealy, Bryers & Walker; G. Bell, 1893), [xv, 174p: ill.; 17 cm].

Flecher, Henry McDonald. Poems, Songs and Ballads / by Henry M'D. Flecher (Belfast: James Reed, 97, Victoria Street; C. Aitchison, Castle Place; George Phillips and Sons. Bridge Street, 1866), [(1-7) 8-240p; 17 cm].

Huddleston, Robert, A Collection of Poems and Songs on Rural Subjects, Belfast: Printed by J. Smyth, 1844), [146p].

Huddleston, Robert, A Collection of Poems and Songs on Different Subjects, (Belfast: Printed for the author, 1846), [168p].

McEwen, Andrew, Zayda, and Other Poems, (Belfast: Published and sold by Lamont Brothers, 1845), [220p; 18mo].

McKenzie, Andrew, Poems and Songs on Different Subjects, (Belfast: News-Letter Office, 1810), [180p].

McKinley, John, The Giant's Causeway, a poem: with The Traveller Benighted in Mourne, (Dublin: J. J. Nolan, 1821), [xlvi, 98p].

Porter, Hugh, Poetical Attempts / by Hugh Porter, a County of Down Weaver, (Belfast: Printed for Archbold and Dugan, by Simms and M'Intyre, 1813), [xv, (1), (17)-203 (i.e. 202)p; 19 cm. (8vo in 4s)].

Read, William, The Hill of Caves in Two Cantos With Other Poems, (Belfast Cornmarket: Dublin Conduit Street: Dublin Grafton Street: Printed by F. D. Finlay; Henry Colburn; R. Milliken, 1818. ), [vi, 100p; 8vo].

Savage-Armstrong, George Francis, Ballads of Down, (London: Longmans, Green, 1901), [xii, 384p].

Sloan, Edward L., The Bard's Offering: a Collection of Miscellaneous Poems, (Belfast: J. Reed, G. Phillips, 1854), [ii, 120p].

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